Friday, December 18, 2015

First Semester Review for Donna

We almost finish our first semester for the end of the year is nigh. From all of things we've done in our 'school year' I try to make a simple summary:
- Donna's schedule is as full as when she was a student in a school, but the quality of her life rises higher. She is healthier and happier.
- Some of her subjects were a bit left behind, not on schedule (especially Math). But for me that's ok as long as the reason was the time taken for learning (almost all by herself) compare to the 'spoon-fed' version that she got from her old school. And I know that her understanding becomes much much better now. But for the other reason, distraction, she still has to learn how to manage her time better.
- Donna is an independent learner. She starts with the text book by herself, no one stands in front of her teaching the subject. For Math subject, she examine her understanding by doing some exercise from the work book. The work book comes with key-answer and she can check her answers by herself. And if she found some differences from the answer key she'd come to me or her father to ask. Some caused by her careless counting, some caused by her lack of understanding (and weak math foundation during her old school), and some from the answer key itself (human error).
For other work books that come without any key-answer, she used the internet sources and her parents as 'key-answer'.
- German language class that starts at the last week of last October so far so good, supported by  Duolingo as a daily practice apps.
- For Music: her piano achievement is the same as last year (ABRSM certificate, Gloriamus  Music School 1st winner for midyear internal competition, 1st rank for Gloriamus Music School grade 4 practical exam), and her Flute is just start so there's no special achievement.
- Online Course: She's taking 3 online courses right now, 2 new ones ( "Think Again: How to Reason and Argue" from Coursera and "A Christmas Carol by Dickens BerkeleyX Book Club" from edX) and the other one is the old one Dino 101 Dinosaur Paleobiology from Coursera. She's been taking this course three times or four maybe for she like it :D
- Time management:
She's just got her cellular phone a few months ago. We made an oral agreement, inspired by this post by Rumah Inspirasi. At first she was addicted to an online game and then unstoppable chat with some friends. Those activities really time consuming. I don't want to take her cellphone away as our final agreement for the consequence. I prefer if she then manage her time and catch up all of her left behind subjects. This ability in time management and self control is really important in her future life, she has to master it.  It's not proven yet. It's just a start.
Not only by her cellphone, sometimes distraction also comes from her "extended break time" (reading a page or two only for a couple of minutes became all of the pages of the book), or internet searching that "carried her away".

Time management is the biggest issue for her now. We all have to work hard to solve it without changing our homeschool style into "school at home". It's not what we want.