Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Coursera's Learning How to Learn

This what impressed me from week 2 of this MOOC's course "Learning How to Learn":

Addictive drugs artificially increase dopamine activity and fool your brain into thinking that something wonderful just happened. I fact, just the opposite has just happened. This leads to craving and dependence, which can hijack your free will and can motivate action that are harmful to you.
- Dr Terrence Sejnowski
Who is Dr Sejnowski?
He is pioneer researcher in neural networks and computational neural science.
He is a living legend, in the elite group of only ten living scientists to have been elected to all three of the national academies, in engineering, science, and medicine.
He is a leading father figure for the modern field of neuroscience.

And because I have to be realistic with my work loads, I have to un-enroll my third course ( Fantasy & Science Fiction) and put it in my watch list for later.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

My online Course in October

This month I take 3 courses from Coursera: Grammar and Punctuation, Learning How to Learn, and Fantasy & Science Fiction. A bit too ambitious among zillion things to do :/
Luckily, I passed the first one before the deadline, Grammar and Punctuation.

I am having Learning How to Learn right now, just started yesterday and was surprised that the first week assignment will be closed in a few hours. 
And still don't know when I can start the third.