Monday, June 12, 2017

From Charlotte Mason's Formation of Character

Written by Indonesian Charlotte Masoner,  Ellen Kristin, this article reminds me what my kids' paediatrician and psychologist said years ago. That kids should stay close to Nature. Animals and Plants are parts of Nature.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Mother Culture

My HSer friend, Maria wrote this enlighten article about qualified Me Time, Mother Culture. It's not easy to provide Me Time among zillion to-do-list. From preparing balance diet meals for my family,  supporting my kids activities (from training self help etc etc  for my eldest, to piano - trigonometry - flute etc etc for my youngest), to my illustration job deadlines. Plus Jakarta's traffics that really sucks :(
Mother Culture is now written in my to-do-list. Me Time is not a sin. Because unhappy mother could be a "monster".
Here what she wrote. Thanks a lot Maria.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Living Books vs Twaddles

I'm not a Charlotte Masoner Homeschooler, but I agree with her for some of her ways, especially about Good Books for children (Living Books, for CMer) instead of twaddle ones. Although, honestly I can't make my home library sterile from those twaddles and try my best to provide as many living books as possible. But, at least Donna used to read living books that shapes her taste in choosing books to read.
What is twaddle books? They are dumbed down and watered down literature.
Here is a good article about it written by Ellen Kristin, a CMer from Indonesia:
"Sastra Disney vs Versi Aslinya"