Sunday, September 25, 2016

Education Should Be a Journey, Not a Race

This is what my friend Aar Sumardiono wrote about Donna and her online course learning:

Hopefully this article will inspire more parents, especially Homeschoolers, about how internet change the way our kids learn and the unlimited possibilities we have for learning process. I love homeschooling because  it is customised to every single child.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Donna's 9th - 12th Statement of Accomplishment from Online Courses

I don't realise that I've been away from this blog so long :( So many things to do, so little time.
Here are Donna's 9th - 12th statement of accomplishment, all from Coursera:
6/1/2016 "Introduction to Philosophy" by The University of Edinburgh

August 2016 “The Holocaust - An Introduction (I): Nazi Germany: Ideology, The Jews and the World” Tel Aviv University & Yad Vashem 

August 2016 “The Holocaust - An Introduction (II): The Final Solution” Tel Aviv University & Yad Vashem

August 2016 “Palaeontology: Early Vertebrate Evolution” University of Alberta

For the last course, about the early vertebrate evolution, she worked hard for her knowledge level in Biology subject was not high enough to understand the course. She asked me some from the course that she didn't understand, doing Google search and read an IGCSE Cambridge book of Biology. And finally she can finish it very well!
Feeling grateful for all of her accomplishment :)

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Donna's Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Statement of Accomplishment from Online Courses

The sixth was "Introduction into Classical Music" by  Yale University through Coursera on March 16, 2015. I forgot to capture the statement :( because that time Coursera change their regulation of student's accomplishment.  So I only can capture it from Donna's accomplishment like this:

Introduction to Classical Music is on the bottom of the list.

The seventh was " Christmas Carol" (Charles Dickens) by Berkeley BookX Club through edX on Dec 29, 2015 :

And the last is "Code Yourself! An Introduction to Programming" by The University of Edinburgh & Universidad ORT Uruguay on May 25, 2016 through Coursera:

Yes, this is the only thing she can get to show her accomplishment, for she's just 12 yo and she can't join the one with statement of accomplishment certificate (by The Coursera's new regulation).

Most of the course she did them well by herself, except the last one. It's an uneasy course for her and her father helped her a lot in explaining and assisting her.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Third Term Review for Donna : Reducing the Books

We feel that the books Donna chose to use in this academic year were a bit too many. The books themselves are good. However, she needs more time to read other good books and deepen her interest (philosophy, flute, piano etc). So she decided to remove two of them from her list. They are:



For Geography she still has Geog 1 and for Science she has Science Checkpoint.

Thursday, April 21, 2016


Donna showed her interest in Philosophy a few years ago, when she was about 8 or 9 years old. I didn't pay much attention to it,  for I thought it was only her curiosity of something new. Philosophy is a strange thing for my husband and I.
And  several days ago she joined one of the Coursera's course : "Introduction to Philosophy"
A friend of mine asked her, why does she like Philosophy.
And this is what my 12 years old girl says:
They "asks" us to observe and give attention to the things that are usually aren't observed well by other people, confusing, ignored, and usually unpaid attention by the people now. It teaches us to understand our world in a new view, other than the one that usually other people don't.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Discipline and Self Control

This is one of 20 Charlotte Mason's principles in education. I'm not a Charlotte Masoner, but somehow, I agree with this principle. Well, not only this one, but many of them.

"We train a child to have a good habits and self-control." 
For Donna, this means that she has to control herself in using her cellphone. So, we have an agreement. If she couldn't control her time in using her gadget, she could use her cellphone only once a week (on Saturdays). The better self-control,  the more days she could use her cellphone (2 days in a week, then 3 days a week and so on).  If her habit back to uncontrolled, she will back to once a week again.
So far this way help her much. However, without her cellphone, she still can use her desk computer to learn , connect to the world and have fun. The special thing about this desk computer compare to her cellphone is, that this tool stay in a specific place, so it won't be anytime anywhere stay besides her. 

And of course as her parents, my husband and I show a good example for her. We show her that a cellphone is only a tool that help us, so we are not under cellphone addiction.