Sunday, May 29, 2016

Donna's Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Statement of Accomplishment from Online Courses

The sixth was "Introduction into Classical Music" by  Yale University through Coursera on March 16, 2015. I forgot to capture the statement :( because that time Coursera change their regulation of student's accomplishment.  So I only can capture it from Donna's accomplishment like this:

Introduction to Classical Music is on the bottom of the list.

The seventh was " Christmas Carol" (Charles Dickens) by Berkeley BookX Club through edX on Dec 29, 2015 :

And the last is "Code Yourself! An Introduction to Programming" by The University of Edinburgh & Universidad ORT Uruguay on May 25, 2016 through Coursera:

Yes, this is the only thing she can get to show her accomplishment, for she's just 12 yo and she can't join the one with statement of accomplishment certificate (by The Coursera's new regulation).

Most of the course she did them well by herself, except the last one. It's an uneasy course for her and her father helped her a lot in explaining and assisting her.