Sunday, November 1, 2015

Assignment for Coursera's LHTL: Learn By Teaching Others How To Learn

These are 3 concepts/ideas from the course Learning How to Learn that impressed me, and that's why I want to share with others:
A. Sleep
B. Procrastination
C. How to be a better learner

It seems like such a waste of time, but actually these are the facts behind it:
- it's your brain's way keeping itself clean and healthy
- tidies up ideas & concepts
- erases less important parts of memories and strengthen areas you need/want to remember
- deactivates pre-frontal cortex helps other areas of your brain to communicate more easily
- helps your brain form new synapses (neural connections)

Usually happens by diverting your attention to something less painful. How to minimise this procrastination?
- keep a planner journal
- commit yourself to certain routines and tasks each day
- delay rewards until you finish the task
- watch for procrastination cues
- gain trust in your new system
- have a back up plan for when you still procrastinate
- eat your frog first (do the hardest thing first)

How to be a Better Learner
- doing physical exercise (this activity also helps neurone survive) increases oxygen supply to your brain and increases brain neurotransmitters
- practice the matter you want to master, as well as train the brain
- learn new things because new neurones are born everyday