Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Random of Thoughts

I try my best to:

--> find balance among homeschooling activities, work and keeping a home
--> spend every free minute of the day for learning, writing and illustrating

... by the Grace of God.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Updating Donna's Homeschool

--> Her two ex classmates who wanted to join our homeschool journey were cancelled. They were provoked by some friends, that they'll have no friends if they do homeschool. Well, it is totally wrong, but I don't want to argue too much about that. Time will tell ...

--> Here are the books and subjects that we take now:

- Math (Singapore Math):

- English (Cambridge):


- Science (Singapore's and Cambridge)

- Geography (Oxford and Cambridge)

- History 
  Donna likes only ancient histories parts for now (her main focus). Unfortunately we don't find any complete student nor course book about it. So we  use various sources for her. They come from various books (each title usually talks about one specific site, likes Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greek, or Ancient Rome, etc), videos from Youtube, online sites and online courses. And I asked her to write some of what she'd learned in her blog, and this is the first.

- Music
  She continues what she's been doing since she's 3 yo, Classical Piano courses. Next month she'll have her 5th grader practical exam from ABRSM.  She wants Flute class for her next musical instrument, and we're still arranging the schedule for it.

- Other
  She wants German Language for her foreign language, and we have to find a centre for it. And maybe a yoga class once a week.

That's all for now. 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Well-organised Site for Free Online Courses from MOOC

I've just got a nice email from Prithiv Sassisegarane about a very useful site, CourseBuffet. The site has a very well-organised subjects of MOOC, all of their free online courses. Its appearance is clear and neat. Here's what I captured from my PC.

I like it. Hopefully they'll always update it.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Donna's Home Education

Last month, Donna graduated from her Primary School. After a sweet and touchy celebration, here we are now,  starting a new life as a homeschooler family.
Her main subjects are Math, Science and English. Plus her favourite subject History. And still thinking about another foreign language, either German or French. Maybe both of them :D :D 
She doesn't like Chinese language for she had to learn that language without exception during her school years. We take Singapore Math for her Math, and Cambridge curriculum for the others. And of course the online courses from Khan Academy and MOOC (from Coursera, edx, Future Learn, etc) depends on the subjects she likes.

Two boys from her primary classmates will soon join us in this learning journey, probably twice a week. So they will have "classmates" for their home education :D
I want to teach the boys how to learn independently just like Donna did for  a couple of years. They can ask me if they don't understand about the subjects and use our learning resources (internet and books) on those two days every week (their Mother, a single Mother, can't provide them all at the moment).

The rest of my time will be used for Liza's home edu process (as a Special Needs girl, she has a one on one learning style), house work (Cooking, cleaning, this one, that one... You know, it's an endless list), writing-illustrating children's book, and.... 
Well, honestly I'm not really sure how to juggle from one task to another, for each of them needs a lot of my focus and energy.
God, please help me.