Thursday, May 13, 2010


I make craft from clay, they are turtle,dinosaur,hello kitty,fish,lovely vase.
I let them dry for 3 days.Then when they dried I paint them.The vase is very nice and beautiful.


The Biggest living Thing

This is a very good story about giant sequoias, they are big trees and very tall and beautiful.They grow in Sierra Nevada mountains in California. But they need not only water and sun to grow, they also need small fire. The small fire helps to clear the ground so the sequoias can grow bigger.


Nick Joins In

This story is from Garden Gate book. This story is very nice. This story is about Nick, a boy who can not walk and use a wheelchair. He wanted to go to a new school,
before he was home school. He worried about his school and his new friends. But actually his friends were good and nice. Then they became friends.