Monday, September 14, 2015

First Month: Review

First, we have to postpone Donna's German Class in Optimal Studia Bsd, because their administrator said that the amount of the students were not enough to make one class. The administrator said, they still don't know yet when the class would be opened. We've tried to ask Goethe Institute, for the age under 13 yo are restricted (and Donna is 11 yo now), by sending an email to them a few weeks ago.  I asked them to give Donna a try in their teenager class, for she was used to learn with 1-3 years older friends in her Primary classes with very good results in subjects she likes. She almost always be the youngest in every class and some competitions she joined. So I think it wouldn't be a problem for her, especially for this German language, where I saw her enthusiasm in her daily practise with Duolingo Apps. Well, I don't get any answer from them so far.

Second, Donna already starts her flute class since early August, and she looks enjoy the course. Especially when she has her own flute, a Yamaha 211 e mechanism one :)

It's not easy to support all of her passion, but surely her Father and I will do our best.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

FAQ tentang Homeschooling

Ada teman yang berbaik hati membuat podcast tentang "FAQ Homeschooling" yang ingin kushare di sini.
Silakan menyimak :
Mengapa mereka sampai musti meluangkan waktu, tenaga dan tentu biaya untuk itu semua? Antara lain untuk mencerahkan masyarakat yang masih suka salah kaprah dalam pemahaman mengenai Homeschooling, juga sekalian menjawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang sering diajukan kepada semua keluarga Homeschooler. Dan pertanyaan-pertanyaan itu dari tahun ke tahun sama saja.
Bagiku pertanyaan-pertanyaan itu menggelikan, membosankan sekaligus menjengkelkan. Maka bersyukur sekali dengan kebaikan Lala dan Aar dari Rumah Inspirasi yang berkenan membuat podcast ini.